Friday, April 22, 2011

Rough Start to home

We finally arrived home yesterday around 11am after almost of 6 months in the hospital. Kayden had a great day yesterday at home, we started getting things in order to feel like home again. Last night Kayden was having a good night sleeping well, his nurse went to change his diaper and his sats started dropping and he was breathing really hard. The nurse ran into the room and got us when we got to Kayden's room he was completely unresponsive, his whole body was limp and he was dusky. We were taught what to do in situations like these and we started suctioning, and were getting nothing, we were bagging and bagging trying to get him to come back, about the time the ambulance got there he started to come back. Of course through all this his pulse ox was not reading correctly so we had no idea what his sats were, we were just having to go by his color which was not good. When the ambulance got there they got their pulse ox to get a reading and his sats were finally coming up they called air evac for him to be med flighted to Children's. Once he got to Children's he started feeling so much better, he began acting like his normal happy self just smiling away. He was admitted because his white blood count was high and we do not know if that's due to stress or if he has an infection, also his left lower lobe has lots of secretions in it and possibly pneumonia not sure yet they are running cultures. He is feeling great just as happy as can be, if his white blood count is in the normal range in the morning and his x-ray doesn't show any signs of pneumonia then we should be going home. If they don't look good we will have to stay a few days for antibiotics. The doctor does not want to treat him for pneumonia unless he sees two days in a row the same things because other things can affect the way the xray looks and stress could impact his white blood cell levels. Please say a prayer that we are able to go home again tomorrow.

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  1. Oh how scary Mattie! I am praying for you as much as I am Kayden. I hope y'all are able to get back home ASAP! Thank goodness he is OK.