Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 weeks

During rounds this morning the doctors say that he will not be able to have any sort of surgery for 6 weeks because he will have to be completely well from RSV and all viruses before he can go to the operating room. As of right now they still do not even know if there is even a fix for his problem it may be something he will just have to outgrow. If there is no fix for it he will have to have a trach and we will go home and just hope and pray he will outgrow it, but I do not want to sit here for 6 weeks then find out there is no surgery that can fix it. After he is over the RSV next week I hope I am going to ask them to consult a surgeon and see what he thinks. I do not want to put Kayden through another surgery if it won't work or make him stay in the hospital any longer than he has to. He needs to be home. There main concern still is his growth they bumped him up to 30 calorie formula and maybe we will be able to see some progress soon. Keep praying please!

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