Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting game....

The doctors came in today and said nothing will be done until he completely clear from RSV which we knew, so I am hoping about this time next week we will be making some progress. They want to leave him on the ventilator because they want him to have the best possible chance for him to succeed when off of it and because they are going to do a broncoscopy (spelling) and they have to put him under for it, to look at his airway and lungs. Then they will consult surgeons and if they think there is a fix they will try to fix it, if not he will have to have a trach and we will go home and hope as he gets bigger he can outgrow it. He has got to start growing soon or they might not let him get off the ventilator because he is so behind on his weight gain, he only weighs 8lbs 8oz he is between a pound and a pound and a half behind on his weight gain. This next week is going to be pretty slow just trying to get well and grow while not having to work as hard, keep us in your prayers they can find a fix for sweet little Kayden.

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