Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update from birth to now!

Quick update of the past almost 3 months.
Kayden was born October 29, 2010 at the Medical Center of McKinney, he appeared to be fine brought him to me and soon found out he had respitory problems. On November 2, 2010 we were transfered to Medical Center of Plano. He was scheduled to have surgery the following day on his diaphrapm, they took him back and his sats dropped so they decided not to do the surgery. A week later November 9, 2010, he had what we thought was a successful surgery after a long journy of a few problems and many different attempts to get of the ventilator he was finally able to get off around December 10th. He was doing great off the ventilator slowly but surely weaning down on his oxygen. On December 30, 2010 he started working really hard, he had caught a cold and put him back on the vent, for about a week. The surgeon wanted a MRI done while he was on the vent, they did the MRI and the surgeon thought his chest cavity was to small, he took the results to a surgeon at Scottish Rite Hospital. After the the surgeon at Scottish Rite reviewed the MRI he decided he did not think that was the issue. January 21, 2011, Kayden again started working very hard, we talked to the Drs at Plano and them nor the surgeon knew what else to do. We asked if they would just transfer us to Childrens in Dallas. We got to Plano Saturday January 22, 2011 to get him ready for the transfer and he had been put back on the ventilator in the middle of the night. We get to Childrens get him all settled in and we go check into the Ronald McDonald House where we are staying, we get back to the hospital and Kayden starts running a fever, they do tests and Sunday they tell us he has brought RSV with him from Plano. They had planned to already have him off the vent but because of the RSV he is still on. The lung specialist came in today and looked at him and she wants to review more of his tests from Plano and get more tests done before making a game plan to fix him! I think this is a good move they are already trying to get to the bottom of it all and figure out how to fix him!

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