Friday, January 28, 2011

Breathing tube...

Yesterday they replaced this ET tube (breathing tube) since he pulled it out. They had planned to replace it later that day but it happened before they planned. Talk about stressful like 5 doctors and 4 nurses came running in they had to sedate him so he would not move while doing it, they tried putting it through his nose they said it would be more comfortable for him, but it was to tight of a squeeze they did not want to chance it. They had to get it back in fast they couldn't play with it any longer because his sats kept dropping so they put it back in his mouth. They put a different kind of tube in this time because he had such a bad leak the ventilator would not stop making noise because he was breathing out around the tube rather than through the tube. This new one has a cuff on it which is like a balloon. He is not liking it at all they had to start giving him sedation because he just kept thrashing around the bed last night. He was fine all day today then tonight he was real upset again. He never acts like this when he is on the ventilator he has been on it half his life. If they have to continue sedating him I am going to ask them to put the kind of tube they had back in because I don't want him to have to be sedated all the time he is to happy of a baby to have to be like that. Doctors said this morning after he has the broncoscopy (spelling) next week and they make sure nothing is going on in his airway, then they will consult a surgeon to see if they think there is a fix for his diaphragm or not before we just wait around 6 weeks and not know anything. I just want to hold him sooo bad, tomorrow will be a week since I last got to hold him. Tomorrow sweet Kayden will be 3 months old and has yet got to come home. Keep us in your prayers please.

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