Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lung Specialist

Today the pulmonologist came in to see Kayden, the Drs had mentioned that he may need a trach because it will be less harmful to his vocal cords and his mouth. We really do not want to go there unless it is extremely necessary. She said they still do not know what is going on with the diaphragm and the lung but they are working on trying to figure it out. She said she does not want to go there with a trach yet she wants to see how things go when trying to take him off the vent after he gets over this RSV, that made me feel a little bit better knowing she does not want to do the trach unless it is completely necessary. They are going to review all his tests from Plano and see what other test they might need to do to get all answers possible. The main thing is that he just has to GROW, he is way behind on his weight gain because he has to work so hard to breath and bruns to many calories. If he cannot grow when he is off the vent, they said they would have to "consider other options" meaning the trach so he does not have to work as hard. Keep us in your daily prayers please!

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  1. Ii just pray daily several times that he will get well and come home.