Saturday, March 26, 2011

After Surgery

Yesterday Kayden had the surgery that we had been waiting months for. It was originally scheduled for noon but noon came around then so did one and two and finally about 3:30 they took him back. The surgeon's plan was to try laparoscopicly but they did not know how well he would handle it because they would put alot of air in his tummy for them to be able to see with the scope which would push up on his lungs, if he didn't they would have to do it the old fashion way which is an incision from under the rib cage to his belly button. Laparoscopicly has less pain and is 5 very small incisions but after an hour into the surgery they called and said he was not able to handle it laparoscopicly they had to open him up because his sats started dropping but as soon as they released the air out his sats came back up. After the surgery was over the surgeon came into the conference room and said about halfway through the surgery Kayden's body go so tight way tighter than any body should be and his sats began to drop again. He said they surgery itself went well but he was having a reaction to the anesthesia which they tough might be malignant hyperthermia(MH) which is not a good thing at all. The anesthesiologist was treating him for MH and that he did not know much about it that it was an anesthesia thing but he would let us know something very soon. Of course the first thing we all do is google MH and the first thing it says is causes death and if lived through can cause brain damage and organ damage. As soon as the surgeon got back into the OR they told him they needed an incision for an art line immediately for close monitoring. He got back to ICU and they said he already looked 800 times better but he still needs to be closely monitored. They have been doing blood work very frequently and checking his urine output and so far all levels have come back close to normal. He is just in really bad pain, he is on a drip plus is getting bolus every hour to keep it under control. We still need lots and lots of prayers he is better but still not where he needs to be.

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