Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surgery went great!

Kayden's surgery this morning was very uneventful which is good. He went straight from the operating room to the ICU. Not long after getting to the ICU, he started to wake up slowly, it was not long before he was completely awake and thrashing around. He had woke up before they expected and they did not even have his pain medicine any sort of ready. They finally got it and made him feel much better when he got it and just drifted away to sleep! They plan to keep him pretty sedated for about 5 days so the skin can start healing around the trach. After 5 days the surgeons will come and do the first trach change to make sure everything is healing correctly. As soon as he is stable abs everything looks good we will go back to the Pulmonology floor. This was a very hard decision to make but Kaydens breathing is all ready so much better, nice and calm. Still continue to keep us in your prayers please we still have. Long road of recovery and a lot to learn how to car for Kayden at home!

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  1. So thankful his surgery went well. I can only imagine how difficult the decision was for you all to make. He's your perfect angel and as a parent we often struggle on whether we are making the best decision for our child. Praying for not only healing for Kayden but for rest, peace and God's direction and guidance for the family. ((((hugs))))