Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting there...

After Kayden's CO2 started creaping up the other day they moved his feeding tube back ND (intestines) and started him on 5 days worth of steroids. Yesterday his blood gas was great his CO2 went from 73 to 51. This morning the doctor said he might move him down to 2 liters today or he will get one more gas to make sure everything is still good. He is still currently on 3 liters on 35% he will stay at 35% when he gets to 2 liters but once he is able to get to one liter he will be turned up to 100% oxygen on a setting like we would be at home. The doctor would like to see him on .75 liters at 100% oxygen to go home on. We will be holding off on the g-tube surgery for now and will be going home with the ND tube on continuous feeds. As long as Kayden keeps having good blood gases and continues to grow there will be an end in sight soon. Please pray that we are able to get home in the next few weeks, I am beyond tired of living in the hospital, I just want us to be home!!!

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