Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maybe there is an end in sight!

Things for Kayden have really started looking up. We got moved to the floor on Tuesday and after a sleepless night Tuesday night and only a two hour nap on Wednesday Kayden finally slept thru the whole night last night. It has been up in the air, do we stay here at Children's and learn how to care for Kayden at home or do we go to Our Children's House at Baylor. The doctors finally decided that we will go to OCH, but for us to learn all we can possibly learn here that way we can just check off that stuff when we get there rather than relearning it. The hardest part is going to be learning about the ventilator, there are so many different settings for different things that's the main reason they want us to go to OCH because they have an excellent ventilator program more than they can teach here at Children's. We hope to be ready to go there next week, as long as Kayden keeps progressing like he is now it shouldn't be to long. Kayden has also learned a new trick, how to talk and cry around his trach, now he just talks away and is happy as can be! Keep us in your prayers that he continues to get better each day!

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