Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of Improvement!

Things with Kayden were a little rocky for a few days but now they have finally calmed down and he is starting to move forward. Since I last updated there has been many ups and downs but now there is lots of improvement. He was having a hard time getting his co2 under control the doctors did vent change after vent change and nothing seemed to be helping. Once all his secretions slowed down from the antibiotics working against the staff he seemed to start doing better. Just when he was doing really well and his co2 was really good they thought he would be fine to switch to the LTV which is the home vent, the first time he was switched he was doing great then all the sudden started working really hard and his co2 went up again so he got moved back to the regular vent for a little longer till his co2 came down again. Sunday afternoon he was switched back to the LTV again and has been on it ever since. It was a little rocky at first but they did a few vent changes and his co2 is back down again. He should be able to go back to the floor today or tomorrow thank you Lord! Just when we are on a downhill slide doctors ask me would I like to see if the surgeons would like to do the g-tube and a nissen so he will be able to take feeds in his stomach again. I would love for him to go ahead and get it so we don't have to go home with the tube in his nose and chance it coming out and then have to come back just so they could put it back into his intestine. If they are to go ahead and do the g-tube and nissen that would mean a longer stay here before we are able to go to Our Children's House of Baylor and longer before we could get home, as well as the way Kayden deals with anesthesia there would be a few set backs before going forward. The one good thing about it would be he would get the tube out of his nose and would be able to take feeds in his stomach again which would mean he could take a bottle sooner rather than putting it off longer and making it harder for him to have to relearn how to eat. As of right now I do not know what we are going to do about that. I will update again when I have some more news but until then just keep the prayers coming!

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