Monday, February 28, 2011

Change of Plans

We were told Kayden would get a g-tube this week, until the surgeon started looking at the chart and saw that his growth curve has went backwards since his tube had went from the intestines to the stomach because he cannot keep anything down. The surgeon suggested the tube be put back into his intestines and work on his respiratory issues right now because he can go home with the tube that's in his nose until he grows and he is nutritionally stable for his body to be able to heel an incision which he does not think he is right now. Today has been a rough day for Kayden his co2 jumped up and he has been very fussy for now they have not made any chances other than the feeding tube. We hope after a few days of feedings going into the intestines again then we can start working on oxygen. Please continue to pray!


  1. Saying prayers, Mattie! Love you all!!

  2. Giving him time is a good thing. He will be stronger when the procedure is done. I know you guys must be weary and I pray for you all every day.