Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Fix...

After the surgeons reviewed the floroscopy they determined that the diaphragm does not move the only surgery that there is for the diaphragm is if it is floppy and that is to hold it down.It could be that there is nerve damage from the surgery he already had that is what causes the diaphragm to be paralyzed. They think it is just going to be a growth issue, he just needs to grow and we just pray he is able to outgrow it but only time will tell. They think the lung may be underdeveloped because it was like that in the womb, but again only time and growth can help that. When he gets older we pray it does not hinder him because people live with one lung all the time and he has basically one and a half. The next step is to move his feeding tube from the intestine to the stomach, keep him on continuous feeds and see if he tolerates feedings in the stomach. As well as trying to move him down to two liters of oxygen, the doctor said she feels more comfortable sending him home on two liters rather than three liters. If he does tolerate the feeds in the stomach they will try to move him back to bolus feeds if he is tolerating that we will try and see how he will take a bottle. If it is to much work for him and will take to many calories to take a bottle that he could use for growing then we will do a g-tube so he can use all the calories he is getting for growing. The g-tube is only temporary most likely just until he is able to eat baby food because sucking takes lots of energy, way more than just eating food. We should know next week how he is doing taking a bottle and if we need to do the g-tube or not. Please keep us in your prayers. At least there is hope that we may get to go home soon!


  1. This sounds like great news Mattie. He's going to do just fine it sounds like! Can't wait to meet him when he gets home!

  2. Sorry to hear there is not a fix for the surgery but so excited you guys may get to go home soon. JD and I really enjoyed getting to know you and Phillip over the last month. We will for sure be keeping up with Kayden and his progress. Tell everyone at RMH hi for us. Kristen