Thursday, February 24, 2011


Kayden is feeling much better, his feeds were started back at 4pm yesterday and the threw up just a little bit twice last night and twice this morning but nothing like he was. They think he just has really bad reflux, because of his reflux we have decided to consult the surgeons about a g-tube. With the g-tube I forget what its called but they kind of tie his stomach and keeps him from being able to reflux which takes his chance of aspiration away that we are very worried about considering he already has lung problems that's the last thing we need. He did not have any interest at all in a bottle today and with a g-tube it is temporary and still gives him the chance to take a bottle to build up his strength to be able to take more with more therapy. All the attending pulmonologist are getting together tomorrow to decide how he will be if he gets on the vent again for the surgery or if they need to try to push for a spinal in case he has problems getting off the vent from the surgery. They have not tried to wean his oxygen anymore because they wanted to get his feedings under control, but she has no doubt that he will be able to go down to 2 liters because he had the best blood gas he has ever had after being on 3 liters for quite a few days. If that is the case feedings will be the only thing holding us up from going home that's why we think the g-tube will be our best option without having to force him to much and wear him out where he has to work harder to breath. Continue the prayers will update again when I know more!

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