Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yesterday I started to get very angry because no one was on the same page and we still have yet to get a game plan. We talked to the doctor and told him that we had a problem with no knowing anything and not making any progress. He understood that we were upset and said he would work on getting a meeting together with all the Icu doctors, pulmonologist, and surgeon so that we could all get on the same page. Last night about 11:30 the phone rings and it's the doctor, Kayden had pulled out his breathing tube, and did not really even give him a chance to stay without it they put it right back in. We got up here and the night shift doctors listened very well about his history and our recommendations about Kayden since we have been through a lot we kind of know when he is ready for some things and when hes not. This morning Kaydens blood gas was good so finally they listen to me and change him to only pressure support which is basically like cpap but it's through the vent tube rather than that awful headgear thing they normally use for cpap. He is doing very well today on that and maintining his sats very well. They have to leave the tube in for the broncoscopy no sence in taking it out then having to put it back in. The ent specialist is supposed to come by and reevaluate him this afternoon in hopes to complete the broncoscopy tomorrow. So hopefully they will be able to take the tube out by the end of the week. Keep us in your prayers.

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  1. Keep being the boss Mattie! You know what is best for little Kayden. Sounds like he is making progress little by little.