Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week

Should be a big week for Kayden, he is having the surgery for the g-tube sometime this week just not sure of exactly when right now. The surgeons decided not to do the nissen right now they want the doctors to try to up his prevacid and see if that helps with the reflux if it does not then could be as early as a week from the g-tube surgery they will go back in and do the nissen. We hope the larger dose of prevacid will help him and we will not have to have the nissen because its a permanent surgery and will never allow him to throw up and may cause him to just gag a lot but nothing comes out. As far as the ventilator goes during surgery they are going to try to pull the tube directly after surgery but the doctors do not know if it will be able to happen or not. If they cannot pull the tube we will most likely have to spend a few days in ICU until he is able to get off. We need lots of prayers this week for a successful surgery and that he does not have to stay on the vent. Will update when I know more information!

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