Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weaning Vent Settings!

Nothing has really changed in a few days they started him on a round of steroids and are slowly weaning down on his vent settings. Tomorrow morning they be scheduling with the ENT, and hope to do it very soon. Right now they are talking about taking him off the vent towards the end of the week. I am really hoping and praying they will take the tube out at the end of this week if not before, I want to hold sweet Kayden oh so bad! He has been sleeping a lot in the last few days he wakes up when I talk to him but other than that he mostly just sleeps. His weight has been about the same the last few days, he really needs to gain more weight or they won't be as willing to take him off the vent as they would if he was bigger. I am so glad to finally be RSV negative it nice to be able to touch him now without gloves on and he can see our faces without masks on. Pray for good news on the test this week!

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