Saturday, February 19, 2011

We have hit 10lbs!!

Kayden is 10lbs 2oz as of tonights weight!! This is very good considering he has never really gained weight when he is not on the vent because he has to work to hard to breath. Yesterday afternoon his tube was moved to his stomach from his intestines, so far he has handeled it well. Tomorrow they are going to try bolus feeds and see how he tolerates it, if everything is fine then he will get a bottle on Monday!!! If they think he will be able to take all his bottles within a few weeks to a month from going home then he will go home with an ng tube and will not have to have a g-tube!! They are hoping to get us out of here in the next two weeks all depends on how his bottle feeds go. We are not getting our hopes up because we have been in this position more than once and still have yet to get home. Keep us in your prayers this is going to be a big week for Kayden!!

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  1. Great news Mattie!

    I read your facebook post about the mean nurse, but was unable to comment for some reason. Don't be afraid to ask the nurse supervisor for a new nurse if you don't like how one is treating him. No Mean Nurses Allowed!! Ha!