Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moved to the floor!

Yesterday we got moved to the pulmonary floor and out of ICU. Its a lot different here its more like we would be when we are home just someone comes to check up on him ever 3 or 4 hours. So far its been good we can do what we want for the most part and every now again we can take Kayden for a stroll around the hospital, I can't wait to do that! Last night was our first kind of real night together, and he slept very very well he only woke up one time and that was for his labs this morning then went right back to sleep, and he is still asleep and its 8:45!! They are going to consult a surgeon and maybe they will be able to do the surgery before they had originally said they could because of the RSV since he isn't going to get any better till it is fixed. So now we just sit and wait some more!! Keep us in your Prayers!

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