Thursday, February 10, 2011

Off Ventilator!!

Yesterday was a very busy day for Mr. Kayden. He had his broncoscopy of his airway and everything looked good except for a little bit of irritation from the breathing tube. When he came back up to his room he was off the vent and only on a cannula. They started him on the vaportherm oxygen thing at 12 liters at first and within a couple hours he was at 8 liters and remained there all night. He had a fairly good night had only one little dsat episode but he just need to be suctioned. This morning his blood gas was good so they moved him to 6 liters. The Doctors have not rounded yet but yesterday they said if he does good off the vent he will be able to go to the floor in the next couple days and get out of the ICU. I am interested to see what the Doctors say in rounds because they did not think he would be able to stay off the vent this long but I told them he could do it, and he has done it this long. Continue to keep us in your prayers!

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  1. awesome news! keep up the good work and thanks for the updates!